BREAKING: A Former Trump Aide Just REVEALED A Nasty White House Secret And It Has Them SCRAMBLING!

Jason Miller, the former communications strategist for President Trump‘s campaign, stepped forth this Monday to claim that former White House staff secretary Rob Porter should have been dismissed rather than allowed the dignity of resigning after domestic abuse allegations against him first surfaced.

Former Trump campaign spox: Porter 'should have been fired'

“I also don’t think that it was good that Rob Porter resigned,” Miller said on CNN. “I think when you have such overwhelming evidence like this, some like that should have been fired.”

Miller claim that if the allegations against Porter are in fact truthful then such behavior clearly sits in the realm of a crime. Miller added that he has no reason to doubt the accounts of two of Porter’s ex-wives, who have both accused that the now-former White House aide physically and emotionally abused them.

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Miller was initially considered back in December 2016 to serve as Trump’s White House communications director. However, he backed out of that offer, explaining at the time that he needed to spend more time with his family. He and his wife were expecting their second child at the time.

Miller’s decision to not step into the White House job came as he faced several allegations that he had an extramarital affair with another Trump transition official. That official, A.J. Delgado, gave birth to a son as a result of that affair last year.

The allegations held against Porter and his recent resignation has put the White House on the defensive, especially as it struggles to respond to the media reports that senior officials, including chief of staff John Kelly and counsel Don McGahn, were aware of the allegations for months.

The controversy has also prompt questions about how Porter was able to hold a White House job.

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