BREAKING: Donald Trump Just BETRAYED America And It Has Democrats Rising Up To Impeach Him!

President Trump is now warning that he would seriously consider vetoing any immigration bill that doesn’t meet his preferred framework.

Trump warning of veto if bill 'doesn't advance' his immigration reforms: report

A senior administration official informed Axios that the president “will veto any bill that doesn’t advance his common-sense immigration reforms.”

“The White House has claimed the mainstream, middle ground on immigration,” the administration official stated.

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“By opposing the president’s framework, Democrats are making it clear that they care more about donors than Dreamers.”

The official also explained to  the news outlet that Republicans currently have Democrats “backed into a corner.”

“Democratic leaders are now catering to the far-left activist wing of their base,” the official said. “Democrats are selling out American workers for open borders … [T]he White House is making it clear that the Republican Party is the party of American workers.”

A senior Democratic official fired back, declaring to Axios that the GOP “spin is laughably bad.”

“[Trump] ended the [DACA] program. He would be deporting them. Who in their right mind would blame Democrats?” the Democratic official stated.

The Senate’s immigration debate seems to have slowed to halt before it even really properly began.

This past Tuesday, Democrats prevented Republicans from setting up votes, while GOP senators themselves outlined different approaches for how to come to a compromise that would secure 60 votes, which is the majority required to pass over a filibuster and clear legislation from the Senate.

Conservatives are attempting to draw a hard line on the White House framework as the only game in town that Trump will sign.

“The president’s framework is not an opening bid in negotiations. It is a best and final offer,” Senator Tom Cotton explained to reporters.

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