BREAKING: Mitch McConnell Just STABBED Democrats In The Back With Yet Another BROKEN Promise!

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, who recently stood in the middle of a free-for-all immigration debate, has firmly held his stance.
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The Senate is currently debating immigration, however McConnell came forth this Tuesday to explain that the debate will shut down at the end of this week. So unless there is a bipartisan overhaul over the next 48-72 hours on an issue Congress has attempted to resolve for over a decade, immigration reform will once again fail.

By restricting the debate to a few days and expressing his personal leanings towards a GOP proposal that mirrors President Trump’s own four-point immigration plan which doesn’t have the required votes to pass McConnell has significantly halted the process in the upper chamber.

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He’s also warned Democrats that the price for fighting for immigration will be tough votes for their vulnerable incumbents on issues such as sanctuary cities.

 This past Tuesday, the Kentucky Republican offered up a vote on a measure to reduce federal aid to cities that refused to cooperate in enforcing federal immigration law but was quickly halted by Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer, who objected.

McConnell is standing with Republicans who claim that anything falling short of Trump’s plan has almost zero chance of becoming law.

By claiming that, McConnell is hoping not to lock in Speaker Paul Ryan, however Democrats and several Republicans hold strong that a clean “Dreamer” bill would pass the House if Ryan commissioned such a vote. While the Senate most likely won’t approve that bill, the chamber could pass a bipartisan compromise. Such a measure would likely attract broad criticism from conservatives in the House, which chose not to act on a Senate-passed immigration bill back in 2013.

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