BREAKING: Sarah Hucakbee Sanders Just SPAT In The Face Of Her Fellow Americans With Another Big LIE!

The White House came forth this Tuesday to claim that FBI Director Christopher Wray’s testimony does not contrast its account of how it took control and handled the domestic abuse allegations against former top aide Rob Porter.

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White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders announced that the FBI’s background investigation was finished, as Wray had informed Congress, but a White House Personnel Security Office investigation was still ongoing.

“The process was still ongoing when Rob Porter resigned,” Sanders continued.

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Wray’s testimony handed a heavy blow to the White House, which has stumbled to move past the Porter controversy, now entering its seventh day.

The FBI chief explained to the Senate Intelligence Committee that the bureau first delivered a partial report on Porter’s problems uncovered via a standard background check back in March 2017, well before the White House had originally claimed it knew about the abuse allegations.

Wray also informed senators that the FBI closed its file on Porter back in January, even though the White House has said the background-check process for Porter’s security clearance was still underway.

Sanders claimed that the personnel security office was still overlooking information provided by the FBI after it put through its final report on the investigation last summer.

“The White House Personnel Security Office, which is staffed by career officials, may have received information. But they had not completed their process and made a recommendation to the White House for adjudication,” she stated.

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