BREAKING: Several Top Intelligence Officials Just TURNED Trump In For COLLABORATING With Russia!

President Trump claims that he remains “unconvinced” with the current assessment from America’s intelligence community that Russia meddled in the 2016 election, CNN confirmed this Wednesday.

Trump still unsure Russia interfered in election: CNN sources

Several sources close to the president explained to the news network that despite repeated statements from top intelligence officials, Trump still doubts the issue of Russian election meddling to the investigation into possible collusion between his campaign and Russia, declared that the investigation is merely an effort to prove Russia aided his election.

Despite this opposition, Trump’s Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats and other top officials came forth this Tuesday to declare that Russia did indeed interfere in the 2016 election and was able to access the voter rolls of an “exceptionally small” number of states.

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Trump’s narrow view is dangerous, experts warn, because Russia’s government continue to target America’s democratic institutions to this day with the hopes of influencing future elections.

“There should be no doubt that Russia perceives its past efforts as successful and views the 2018 US midterm elections as a potential target for Russian influence operations,” Coats testified before the Senate Intelligence Committee this past Tuesday.

FBI Director Christopher Wray stated during his testimony this week that Trump has not yet ordered him to take action to fight against Russian efforts ahead of the 2018 midterm elections in November.

The president has dismissed the “Russia story” claiming that it was invented by Democrats to explain losing the 2016 presidential election and, while he has acknowledged his belief that Russia attacked U.S. systems during the 2016 election, he has frequently maintained that “other countries” were likely involved in similar efforts.

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