Alyssa Milano Claps Back At Haters With Epic Beatdown

Alyssa Milano spent this week in San Diego to promote her efforts of providing immigrants facing deportation with access to legal services.

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Milano accompanied activists in the morning where many speakers could be heard.

“I remember being given documents and papers in English – a language I didn’t know. People asked me to sign these things, but I had no idea what they were, honestly,” said Wendy who escaped El Salvador where she claims her life was filled with beatings and constant sexual assault.

“When I was 7 years old a family member raped me,” detailed Wendy. “He used to rape me every day for an entire year – he stopped when I turned 8. This is my life in El Salvador and this is why I escaped.”

Wendy spoke during the news conference at San Diego’s Civic Center Plaza which was hosted by Milano who is attempting to raise money for the SAFE families Fund – so children who come up against immigration issues can have legal representation.

“Everyone deserves basic information about their legal rights, access to justice and a fair day in court,” said Milano.

Milano added that it is an unfair legal battle as the government uses skilled attorneys, however, people who appear in immigration court currently have no right to legal counsel.

“Immigrants facing deportation with access to an attorney are up to 10 times more likely to end up staying in the country with their families and on the job, supporting their local economy,” explained Milano.

Milano defended her actions on Twitter this Friday:



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