Americans Cheering After Dan Rather Calls Out Donald Trump With One Simple Statement

In remarks he made aboard Air Force One, President Trump claimed that he left Singapore early after his summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un because there “was nothing more” that could have been done.

Trump on leaving Singapore early after summit: 'There was nothing more we could've done'

Trump had initially insisted his long awaited trip to Singapore could last several days, depending on how talks with Kim moved. However before the summit even began, the White House announced Monday that Trump would leave Singapore on Tuesday night, declaring that nuclear talks with North Korea were moving “more quickly than expected.”

“There was nothing more we could’ve done,” he explained to Bloomberg’s Jennifer Jacobs in remarks to reporters aboard Air Force One.

Trump, who offered high praise to Kim and boasted the summit as a success during his time in Singapore, stated that he feels “very little” disappointment that he didn’t secure a bigger commitment from Kim as part of the peace talks.

After Jacobs pressed Trump on why he didn’t stay longer to negotiate more details with Kim, Trump simply said: “I’d rather fly during the night and get back tonight.

Veteran journalist Dan Rather was quick to criticize the hasty exit:

And Americans were behind him:





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