Americans Rallying After Ana Navarro Slams Trump In Epic Television Takedown [WATCH]

CNN political commentator and staunch Trump critic Ana Navarro tore into president’s tweets about the death toll in Puerto Rico following Hurricane Maria’s devastation last year.

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“How stupid, how tone deaf, how surreal, how insensitive, how offensive,” Navarro informed CNN. “Just you know, how wrong, in every single way.”

“He’s doing so much harm,” she stated.

However, Lynn Goldman, the dean of GW’s Milken Institute School of Public Health assessed that the rising death toll may not be precise and that further investigation should be done on the issue.

“Among all the deaths that occurred, which of them were related to Maria, which of them would not have occurred if it hadn’t been for the storm? We’re not able to say that now,” Goldman explained to CNN this past month.

The president himself has provided zero evidence for his claim that Democrats raised the number and has lashed out against both the right and the left for it.

Navarro declared on Thursday that this was because the president’s tweets were politically damaging for those close to him.

She cited Governor Rick Scott and Senator Ron DeSantis, both of whom are loyal Trump supporters who fought back against the president’s tweets quickly. Scott is currently running for Senate against Democratic Senator Bill Nelson and DeSantis is campaigning to replace him as governor.

“There are Puerto Ricans who moved to Florida, who could actually make or break statewide elections in Florida in 2018,” she assessed.

She continued, “And I hope all those Puerto Ricans and all those people who know Puerto Ricans in Florida, or who like Puerto Ricans who are mad as Hell at this tweet, remember that the deadline to register to vote in Florida…is October ninth.”

Here’s how Americans reacted:



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