GOP Senator Rips Into Trump During Fiery Senate Floor Beatdown [WATCH]

Donald Trump tossing Canada aside in order to shake hands with some of the worst dictators in the world, and Washington has had enough.

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Republican Senator Jeff Flake ripped into President Trump on Wednesday stating that his treatment of U.S. allies is “not normal” and harms the U.S’s international standing.

“Baffling, inexplicable attacks on our closest allies by the administration one day and the appalling praise for perhaps the most brutal dictator on earth the next. These events are not normal,” Flake said from the Senate floor.

Flake’s fiery speech follows after Trump’s public clash with Canada following the G-7 summit. Trump left the summit early to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

Flake continued on to say that disputes with allies shouldn’t be handled through “bellicose taunts or tweets.”

“Consistently ridiculing our allies by suggesting that they are somehow abusing us while voicing admiration for despots and dictators represents a fundamental departure in behavior for American administrations,” he concluded.

If impeachment doesn’t happen soon, we could lose the nation that we love to whatever Trump is trying to create for himself.



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