[WATCH] Sarah Huckabee Sanders Sheepishly Blame Leakers For McCain Controversy

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders came forth this Wednesday to claim that the so-called “leakers” operating within the West Wing should be removed.

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While sitting down for an interview with Fox News, Sanders called it “disgusting” and “disloyal” to leak the details of internal discussions to the news media and said the White House is “focused intensely” on removing those responsible.

“We fired people over leaking before — I’ve personally fired people over leaking before — and we certainly would be very willing to do so again,” Sanders explained to the hosts of “Fox and Friends.”

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The White House recently faced heavy backlash for its handling of remarks made by special assistant Kelly Salder who suggested that it didn’t matter how Senator John McCain voted on Trump’s CIA nominee because “he’s dying anyway.”

Sadler’s disrespectful comments, were first reported by The Hill, which were uttered last Thursday during a closed-door meeting of the White House communications staff.

Trump and his staff are still dealing with demands from members of Congress to publicly apologize for Sadler’s comments, but Sanders and others have indicated that there will be no public apology.





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